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Teldio TruFleet + Teldio Edge Gateway

TruFleet + Teldio Edge Gateway

Always be in the Know with Geo-Fencing, Location, and Events

Combine the power of Teldio TruFleet and the Teldio Edge Gateway to enable the ability to trigger notifications and events based on a radio’s location. Whether to send an alarm to security if a radio is detected in a hazardous area, disable a radio if it leaves a geo-fenced area, or send location information when an employee presses a panic button, Teldio can make it happen.

Teldio TruFleet + Teldio Edge Gateway

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Geo-fencing, location tracking, and automatic disabling features prevent unauthorized access and ensure rapid responses to emergencies.
  • Rapid Incident Response: Real-time tracking, customizable alerts, and automatic notifications enable prompt incident responses, ensuring quick decision-making and coordinated emergency actions.
  • Optimized Workflow and Productivity: Automating processes and providing location-specific data optimize workflows, boosting productivity by minimizing manual tasks and allowing employees to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Cost Savings through Asset Tracking: Real-time asset tracking prevents the loss or misplacement of valuable assets, resulting in cost savings by reducing the need for frequent replacements or purchases.

Key Features:

  • Geo-Fenced Video Recording: Automatically trigger video recording upon entry or exit from a geo-fenced area to provide visual documentation of events, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities.
  • Location-Specific Incident Data: Provide detailed, location-specific data in the event of an employee accident for a quick and accurate response, facilitating faster assistance and emergency services as needed.
  • Automatic Radio Disabling: Automatically disable radios outside defined areas to prevent unauthorized or unsafe usage, ensuring communication devices stay within designated boundaries for optimal operational safety.
  • Custom Geo-Fencing Alerts: Customize alerts with geo-fencing parameters for tailored monitoring and security, allowing users to define unique boundaries and receive notifications when radios or equipment cross them.

System Requirements and Types:


Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality, Transportation & Logistics, Utilities, Healthcare, Mining, Oil & Gas, Public Services (non-public Safety Government)

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